How to Create Professional Quotes in 5 Minutes Flat

Unprofessional quotes can cost you money.

One of our clients recently shared a story about how she had copied and pasted an old quote from her Word documents for a new prospect.

This was great, she had produced exactly same quote she had done a few years earlier for another client. She simply changed the name and updated the pricing and sent it.  However, a problem raised its head later in the week.

It was great that she sent the quote (Many businesses don’t even do this bit properly).  It even had a call to action on it… “Simply deposit 10% into this account ad we will get started”
She rang to check up how the client was going (Good work, she followed up the quote) and they said they were happy with the quote.  They also said they had deposited the money into her account. Excitedly she thanked the customer and said she would get started on the work straight away.

But when she went looking for the deposit it was nowhere to be found.  Thinking the client had simply forgotten to pay she called them back and asked them to check.  They did and confirmed the payment had been sent, giving her the deposit details. 

She had the wrong bank details on the quote!  The money finally bounced back to the client’s account but it had cost her and her client precious time. 

I used to use Word for all my quotes, but keeping it constant and having it flexible for the client was a problem.

Quotient makes it easy.

QuotentApp makes closing a sale so much easier.  You can present consistent, flexible quotes online and with facilities for real-time feedback from your clients.
It has a simple and easy follow-up and tracking system built in that shows you the number of times the client has viewed the quote.
The inbuilt chat on the comments section is all kept with that quote for future reference.
It is amazingly easy to use, and reliable.

13 simple steps to setting up Quotient in your business:

1.       Get your logo as an image file on your computer

2.       Make sure you have your business details in a document

3.       Signup for a free account at

4.       Setup your business details in the setting page under layout and business details.  Make sure you save the details.

5.       Open the Template & Items tab at the top of the page

6.       Click the new Template button on the right-hand side

7.       Add your title of your template quote e.g.  New computer upgrade and mouse package

8.       Add your line items.  You can make items optional in your quote as well and attach files like product brochures to your line items

9.       Fill in your terms and any notes on the bottom

10.   Click Save and Done

11.   Click on Quotes in the top tab to open the Quotes section.  This will present you with a list of any quotes you have previously created as well as when they were last viewed and the status of the quote

12.   Click on New Quote or select the list from the drop down beside the button, this will show you the templates you have created.

13.   Type in the name of the customer and click the if it’s a new contact

Now you’re ready to create your first quote. It’s about as easy as it could possibly be.

What do I do next?

If you need help on how to set up and send professional quotes in 5 minutes then come to our half-day workshop and learn hands-on.  We will help you understand more of the neat features offered by Quotient and a whole lot more about apps that simplify and improve your business, quickly & easily.

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