How it started

Software House is a collaboration between Paul Barby and Hector Johnson who have many decades of experience in starting, owning and building businesses. Paul has over 30 years experience in IT and online business development and Hector has a 40 year business history across a multitude of sectors including finance, property and commercial law.

Software House was started to provide website maintenance services to the not so technical business owners.

After an initial stint in website development, Paul found the market was saturated with budget developers who lacked the IT knowledge and customer service skills to effectively maintain their clients websites and keep their customers happy.

Paul worked with Hector to refine the business model and structure it to be cost-effective and provide primarily Australian based staff to undertake the regular maintenance of WordPress and other CMS website systems.

They now work exclusively in keeping clients happy and websites working. With their Brisbane based team, they take in clients who are either dissatisfied with their current tech provider or who have reached a stage where they lack the know how to keep their website running.

Software House aims to provide regular updates and checkup on clients websites using in house tools to maintain quality and schedule work effectively.


Paul Barby

Hector Johnson